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Jim Drain - crayon panels from the installation “Saturday’s Ransom” 


Jim Drain - crayon panels from the installation “Saturday’s Ransom” 

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flapjacksblog2 said: Do you consider yourself a pirate adventurer?

Funny you should ask! Because..indeed I do.

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"In America you are always taught reach for the stars, but for some just accepting who you are is hard enough. Others end up regretting the cost they paid to get to the top. Life is hard enough as it is. I say, there are more important things to worry about. The best advice might be to just leave the stars alone, have a few drinks and pass out on your desk."

Ugly Americans
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C’N’C’ Costume National Spring/Summer 2013

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WitStream: Let's solve this women-in-comedy "problem" once and for all…with Twitter. 


A couple of weeks ago, the South by Southwest Festival got into hot water for booking only one female comic out of 31 performers. This from an organization that prides itself on diversity. Organizers quickly apologized, pointing out that not many female comedians had submitted, and they tacked a…

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grunge babes

grunge babes

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